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03-20-2010, 01:34 PM
Hi Guys!
I'm almost 9 months post-op. Surgery went great. Correction great. Right rib hump gone. ZERO back pain, BUT I'm having trouble with my right knee & hip. I was having trouble before the surgery but it seems to be getting worse...the knee pops audibly with almost every step & slips out of position if I cross my right ankle over my left ankle while lying down. I know I have cartilage wear on the lateral side & that I have arthritis in my hip. Does anyone out there have this issue & if so, did it get worse after your surgery due to different allignment of your body, & what did you do to remedy the problem. (see 1st. thread for surgery info if you like.) Also I"m 65.
All of my preop problems were right sided including the rotation.

loves to skate
03-20-2010, 04:11 PM
Hi Deanna,
I had right hip issues long before I was diagnosed with scoliosis that is much better since surgery, but it has slowly improved over time. My right knee has given me problems since I was in my thirties, popping and slipping out of joint from time to time. Strengthening my quadriceps has definitely helped my knees. Since I love to skate, that really helps the quads. At my age of 70, I know the cartilage in my knees is probably getting thin because they ache sometimes if I over do it. I would recommend you see a general Orthopedic surgeon and maybe some physical therapy would help you.