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03-09-2010, 03:57 PM
So it's been officially two months since my surgery and I had my first initial post op visit. Well come to find out my Dr. wasn't there!! I had to see his nurse..was def not impressed! Not to mention the fact that I am not to crazy about her. She told me I could decrease the brace to just wearing it at night. If I didn't have OI she said I could be out of the brace so I have one more month wearing this stupid thing..She doesn't want me to do any physical therapy until I am four months post op. And that I can go back to driving..I was really annoyed that I had to visit with his nursing assistant who I am sure may know things but still she isn't a Dr. She honestly doesn't think before she talks because she explained to me she just found out how she has scoliosis and would NEVER wants to have the operation..I thought it was quite rude seeing as I was just recovering from this surgery!! I kinda gave my mom a quick glanced as she was really annoyed as well..The things that come out of this womens mouth is unreal! She told me she was so concerned how I was not steady on my feet..I was like really?? cuz the last time you saw me I was two weeks post op. Who would really be steady on there feet at that time...ugh i need to take a walk and enjoy this nice weather!!

03-09-2010, 04:34 PM
Man that sucks - I would definitely NOT be impressed with that either. Sorry you had to deal with that woman, and I would mention all the things she said to you to your doctor. That was not appropriate whatsoever!

03-09-2010, 05:19 PM
Hey Megz
how long til you see the doctor next...can you make sure it will be the doc you see and not this woman again? i agree you should tell your doctor what transpired...to say those things...she should have kept her mouth shut about her own personal feelings about the surgery! guess they dont teach common sense in nursing assistant school!!

glad that you can do more...but what is OI??


03-09-2010, 05:25 PM
You just had your first post-op at two months? Wow. Mine was at 3 weeks.

Her comments to you were completely out of line regarding her personal opinion of surgery.

Under any circumstance, it irritates me to get shuffled to anyone other than a doctor when I am booked to see the doctor. If he wasn't going to be available, the office should have informed you - and given you the option to reschedule. I mean, really ... if your first post-op wasn't until now, I'm pretty sure waiting a little longer (if you'd chosen to) wouldn't have been a big deal.

I suggest detailing your concerns in a letter addressed to your surgeon and his office/practice manager. Only by letting them know can you help ensure the experience won't be repeated. He definitely needs to know what his nurse is saying to patients...


03-09-2010, 05:51 PM
Jess..OI is a condition I was born with.."brittle bones disease" I am more capable of breaking something than most normal people. Although my last break was probably 9yrs ago ((knock on wood HA!))

I went in at two weeks to get the staples removed, but again, I didnt really see the surgeon I saw him for about 3 minutes and then dealt with this stupid bimbo.
She was supposed to take my staples out but totally delayed to have this other lady do it..I think shes just around because she has a pretty face..honestly, the way she speaks to her patients really annoys me.
So I considered this my first initial visit, to find out basically what I can and can't do, it's just really hard for me to listen to her, I was pissed to find out my surgeon wasn't there! They def should have called an rescheduled or something..I don't even know if she is even qualified to be able tell me what I shouldn't and should do what If something happens or went wrong?! Can you tell me she can read an xray..She basically plopped it on the screen and said yup looks good. I was like hmmm..

My surgeon isn't very social person anyways, he basically studies the xrays and will come in and tell you his best suggestion. I only went with him bc I was confident with him and his experience with such large curves..and I was in to much pain to go to a sixth Dr..lol

03-09-2010, 07:48 PM
I'm not all that familiar with the Health system in the USA, but in Aus, our post-op consult is free. If yours was free then that's good - if not - i would check that i'm not paying his astronomical fee for seeing his nursing assistant! My post-op was also at 2 months. My next was at 5 months and now i don't see him until 1 year post-op, however, i can speak to him anytime i wish if i have any concerns. Enjoy your walk.:)

03-09-2010, 10:46 PM
My first post op visit was 6 weeks, then 6 months then 12 months. I don't have to see him again unless I have problems.

I'm sorry you had such an unsatisfactory appointment Megz. Email your surgeon and ensure it'll be him you see next time.

How are you going? Are you happy with your progress?