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02-16-2010, 07:34 PM
I am back! I went into the hospital on the 29th and was discharged 7 days later. I flew home to Salt Lake on February 9th. The reason I haven't posted before now? TOO MUCH PAIN!!!! I am very straight though--I don't know yet what the correction is--but I gained 2 inches.

THANK YOU for all being so concerned. How did Chris do? She had her surgery the same day--I'll nose around and see if she has posted yet.

My mom was an absolute angel for staying with me for two weeks in St. Louis and a few days here at my house to be my "occupational therapist" so I could get dressed, take my first shower!, and get a little food for myself.

What do you all want to know? Throw the questions and I'll try to answer them tomorrow.

I'm not always in this much pain--each day is so different. I am having a hard time with the bowels so I am trying to balance out taking the narcotics and being in so much stomach pain. Not trying to be gross--just telling it like it is!