View Full Version : Wife's surgery 28 days out

02-13-2010, 09:10 PM
Hello everyone, I have posted once before and the responses and support where amazing! For that I thank ya'll!

We are 28 days out now. Dr. Nunley in Shreveport La will be doing the surgery and he has been awesome from the get go! Tammy has has a double curve, about 70 degrees thoracic, not sure what her lumbar curve is because they have opted not to address that (she has a split cord malformation in the lumbar area) she also has a tethered cord, which the decision has yet to be made on that. She had her final CT's and MRI Friday as well as a pulmonary work up. They will decide on the tethered cord this week after the Neuro- Surgeons decide if releasing the tether would be beneficial.

At this point I do not know what to ask or what to say. I think I just need to post something to people who are or have gone through this for support and inspiration!

Her main problem with all this seems to be HER worrying about ME! I guess that is natural, IDK.....

Sorry for the babbling post but just wanted to drop by and say hey and that I am always lurking, soaking in everything ya'll say!!!

Thanks again for being here and helping everyone!


02-13-2010, 09:59 PM
Toby--Can't help with some of those technical problems you mentioned but I know exactly where your wife is coming from. I was about crazy thinking there was no way my husband could take care of things and then that he couldn't sustain all that special care. I did have my grown daughters here on occasion to help too but for the most part he did it. I'm still amazed because who knew he could do all that stuff! He said the hardest thing was to see someone you love in pain but we both realized we would get to better times. You will both do fine. Good luck. Janet