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02-11-2010, 11:06 AM
Sitting here looking out over winter wonderland. So glad we got out of NY and home before all of this weather craziness. It's wonderful to be home. At this stage, the positives are taking showers, hearing my husband keep reminding me how straight I look and actually having some appetite for neighbor-prepared meals. And the drive home wasn't nearly as bad as I had thought. The negatives I can put in one word--nights! I just cannot get comfortable even with the mattress topper. I still have quite a bit of fluid/belly distention so I am up peeing every half hour. My RN friend explained that when you lay down, your body tries to keep all that fluid away from your heart which explains the frequent need to pee. And of course, getting in and out of bed is miserable--really not getting much sleep at all. Bowels are still not up to speed which adds to the nighttime discomfort--I'd like some of that stuff they advertise on Saturday Night Live --Colon Blow! LOL Am doing my laps around the house. VNA is sending someone over today for evaluation--PT, OT whatever. Would welcome any nighttime comfort suggestions. My best to all the other recent post-ops.

02-11-2010, 11:16 AM
NIghts were tough because I wasn't that tired and I hated to sleep on my back! I would stay up a little later than usual, take my pill and just wait. I used tons of pillows to make my self comfortable. As you cut down on naps, you will be more tired in the evenings. It was a milestone when I slept for 6 hours straight...but that happened by week 2 I think. Make sure to log roll! As my recovery progressed, I would start to get out of bed the normal way and it really made my back hurt. I still kind of log roll now! Take the stool sofener it really helps...once that started, I did feel a lot better! I drank lots of water and ate apples and fruit.