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  1. FINALLY!!!!! An update on my December 11, 2012 surgery with Dr. Bridwell in St. Loui
  2. Has anymore had surgery with Dr. Matthew Cunninghm at HSS or know of his work?
  3. How much Pain relief from revision surgery?
  4. broken rod, bad pain. This will be my 3rd scoliosis surgery in 3 years
  5. What a mess!
  6. Spinal CT scans/cancer risk
  7. Concern for Scuba Steve
  8. Not so sure about this second surgery...
  9. My appt. with Dr. Lenke!! April 18th!!!!!
  10. Baclofen pump
  11. Digital X-rays for adults and breast shields
  12. Loose screw? Broken rod?
  13. Muscle Twitching and Nerve Stabbing Pains
  14. New member; revision surgery May 9th
  15. pelvic screw has migrated onto sciatic nerve
  16. Dr. Peter Slabaugh in Oakland, CA?
  17. Folding Grabbers
  18. Home but thinking I'm sliding backwards in progress...
  19. Just what defines a " Good outcome from scoliosis surgery."
  20. Just dropping in...
  21. Can I cry now?
  22. The Fate of the Adult Revision Spinal Deformity Patient: A Single Institution Experie
  23. Apt with Dr. Lenke August 21
  24. Tight painful muscles and distended abdomen
  25. Foot numbness
  26. Flexible fusion surgery/motion preservation surgery
  27. Flatback AFTER Revision
  28. Unresolved problem since May
  29. VEPTR to Avoid Proximal Junctional Kyphosis
  30. Anyone have experience with osteoperosis? Vertebroplasty/Kyphoplasty?
  31. 2 year post revision pain
  32. At it again and crossing my fingers, toes, anything I can...
  33. Spinal block for scheduled C-section - any others with fusion gone through this?
  34. rf ablation alternatives
  35. Wisconsin- need recommendations for round 2.
  36. TLSO Brace
  37. Daughter having revision on Tuesday....feeling anxious!
  38. "The L5-S1 Question" Is it worth it?
  39. Frazzled
  40. Out?
  41. stffness and bloating 3 years post surgery
  42. stffness and bloating 3 years post surgery
  43. Can I get pregnant
  44. Pain 2 years post op
  45. How many revision surgeries have you all had?
  46. Surgery 11-13/2013
  47. Emergency Room
  48. Yacpatty - One Year Post-op Dilemma
  49. Social Security Disability
  50. Nerve pain
  51. Nov.16th Six month check-up
  52. Merry Christmas/Merry Morphine
  53. Pregnancy and epidurals
  54. Having a problem with scapula pain
  55. What does removal of the iliac screws involve?
  56. Visible rod after surgery?
  57. almost 2 years post op...both rods are broken
  58. 5 years post op. Am I being paranoid?
  59. Hiatal Hernia and surgery
  60. Fell down the stairs - 2 years post-op. It was terrifying.
  61. No island of sanity
  62. 4th Surgery in 6 Months.. Advice Please! :)
  63. CT Results.. Kinda Confused...
  64. T10-pelvis correction of adult spinal deformity 3/24/14
  65. Two broken rods after 5 years (No, not me!)
  66. 5 years post op w/bone fragments...
  67. T11 Missing
  68. Apt May 23
  69. cannabis for spinal bone pain from surgery
  70. One year check-up with Lenke!
  71. Avoiding scoliosis revision surgery
  72. Revision in my future...
  73. Feeling better but...
  74. Facet Joint Degeneration- Surgery?
  75. Flat back syndrome due to harington rod
  76. Anyone out there with Flat Back?
  77. Two revision surgeries
  78. Knee Arthritis from Scoliosis Surgery
  79. Looking for physician recommendation, SoCal
  80. Flat Back Syndrome with Harrignton rod
  81. Took a spill-looking for advice
  82. Flat Back: Revision Surgery
  83. conference by surgeons on fusion to the sacrum surgery
  84. Hi to all my old friends from '08, Chihuahua Mama needs revision surgery
  85. Adding on
  86. Collapsed lumbar discs/auto-fuse
  87. need advise
  88. Pain near shoulder blade
  89. Mechanics of fusion to sacrum and flexibility
  90. Cold Weather?? Survival mode!!!!!
  91. App
  92. Hi I'm new here!
  93. post-op and needing some answers
  94. 2 surgery options- Major or semi major decision to make- Please advice
  95. The $64,000 question....just ow does one wipe themselves after fusion to sacrum?
  96. Anyone have spinal cord injury after failed proximal Junctional kyphosis?
  97. I Need PSO surgery info please. anyone had this?
  98. Fusion to Pelvis/Sacrum- Advice Please
  99. Fusion to sacrum WITHOUT illiac screws
  100. Pain in the Winter- Would you move??
  101. The loss of Tonibunny
  102. Revision Surgery 3/11/15
  103. shoulder blade dropping
  104. Dr. Lenke leaving St. Louis and going to Columbia Presbyterian NYC
  105. Alternative to sacrum fusion/artificial disc replacement
  106. Botox injections in thoracic for tightness
  107. Did not sign up for this - no free lunch
  108. Brought to my knees but pain atypical
  109. XLIF, TLIF, ALIF/also osteotomy definitions
  110. POLL: Risks versus rewards of revision surgery
  111. How do rods break?
  112. Requesting the removed hardware
  113. The hours between anterior and posterior fusion surgery
  114. (moved) How to reduce morbidity in adult scoliosis fusions
  115. thoracoplasty doctor
  116. Terrible neck , shoulder and upper thoracic pain!
  117. Meningocele
  118. revision number 5 ,an unusual fix
  119. Post op
  120. Broken sacral fixation screw....what happens next?
  121. Fusion to sacrum WITHOUT osteotomie
  122. searching for a video of patient walking with sacral fusion
  123. cool t-shirt
  124. what next?
  125. Bad knees
  126. Finally an answer to the knee / scoliosis relationship
  127. Well, I have come to the conclusion.....
  128. Membership in an exclusive club: The Broken Titanium Rod Club
  129. Back again after 5 years! HELP!
  130. Plantar fascitis
  131. HELP!!! Lost my sagittal balance.....did anyone find it?
  132. Munich Gupta , Nov18, at Washington Univ.~~ anyone been to him?
  133. The great surgeons and people who help us.....
  134. Pedicle screw near the aorta....that can't be good
  135. Why does fixing one problem cause another
  136. Proximal Junctional Kyphosis
  137. Hi, I'm new......2 months post op
  138. Having fusion to the sacrum January 7th
  139. An Introduction
  140. Extending Fusion due to Adjacent Level disease?
  141. A newbie to the forum.......
  142. Any experience with University of Michigan in Ann Arbor?
  143. Has anyone over 60 applied for SS Disability???
  144. Sensitivity to instumentation
  145. When do you say no more
  146. CT Scan....what does "Lobulated Collections" mean?
  147. Trunk shift?
  148. 10years Post-Op Still Having Pain
  149. Major complication - foot drop
  150. Electorcuting-like nerve pain
  151. Thoracic rod removal?
  152. Looking for any St. Louis Shriner's 1969 alumni (Scoliosis Surgery patients)
  153. Pre Surgery Pain Management Consults
  154. Post Ops: 6 questions; ISO experiences
  155. Acute Pain Management
  156. Are we going to need surgery AGAIN??
  157. 14 months after surgery and need revision 😒
  158. Done! (forever I hope)
  159. DePuy EXPEDIUM 6.35 Users
  160. Could somebody please advise me? Paralysis in Foot!
  161. Broken Rod
  162. new surgery to correct shoulder balance
  163. Riding a bicycle/fused to sacrum
  164. Sciatica
  165. Possible Shingles on incision
  166. Could I be allergic to my implants......again?
  167. HELP-people who have been there
  168. Discomfort around pelvic hardware anyone?
  169. EMG confirms nerve compression at L5
  170. PLEASE! I NEED HELP! [Removing the hardware or not?]
  171. 4 weeks since revision surgery
  172. Mylogram on Thursday
  173. Hardware removal and thoracoplasty
  174. New here, revision surgery needed.
  175. Effective Pain Management & Cannabis
  176. FDA drug Czar, Dr. Robert Califf and lack of pain control....
  177. Does Exercise Help with Pain? Pros/Cons?
  178. Spinal cord stimulator
  179. Thinking my time might have just run out/ SI Joint Dysfunction
  180. Considering more surgery and need advice
  181. Revision surgery coming up!!
  182. One more surgery behind me!!!!!
  183. New info on more fusion leads to more questions
  184. Things to look forward to with multiple revisions
  185. Anyone having hip problems
  186. Looking for a good hip replacement surgeon in St. Louis
  187. Revision surgery with Dr. Arlet
  188. Trying to decide
  189. CRPS....anyone have it?
  190. Neck please help
  191. disintegrated fusions
  192. Upcoming Surgery
  193. SI joint fusion
  194. Tight pressure sensation in sacral area
  195. Had Revision Surgery and am checking in
  196. Looking for referrals NYC area
  197. More surgery ?? Surgeon recommendation ??
  198. Surgeon recommendation again
  199. R L5 screw pressing on nerve
  200. Does broken rod = revision surgery?
  201. Car Accident Post Op
  202. Rash on Back post op
  203. Increasing curve but no pain do they do revision for this?
  204. What to expect - 2nd Surgery L4 to Sacrum
  205. Seeking excellent bone spur surgeon, iliac crest...
  206. Questions to ask - 1st consultation???
  207. Checking in again a year on
  208. Cervical scoliosis
  209. Recovery time frame for YOU
  210. Surgery expenses NOT COVERED by insurance
  211. SI Fusion
  212. Bending by the hour....John Sarcona
  213. Sacroiliac joints supposed to be fused with long fusions?
  214. Knee pain - recently fused to sacrum
  215. Just last 10 years
  216. Hardware Removal Regret
  217. I have a screw loose ha ha
  218. 16 years post A-P revision and doing well.
  219. Back Again
  220. Life
  221. Regarding Hardware....
  222. A proposed conservative revision surgery, would like input
  223. Doctor in LA
  224. Perihardware lucency
  225. Baylor Drs.- any input?
  226. Who is the Johns Hopkins scoli surgeon?
  227. Broken neck
  228. Anyone have a spinal stimulator?
  229. Dr Jay Joshi Pain Management Anesthesiologist Ketamine, Stem Cells, Stimulators
  230. Trying to figure out tight sacral pain
  231. Hardware removal
  232. One more really big surgery
  233. Cervical thoracic question
  234. New to forum - facing 1st revision surgery at 34
  235. New To Forum - Revision needed?
  236. VBT/ASC under a fusion?
  237. Calling All Fully Fused
  238. 16 year old fusion failing (C-D implants)???
  239. Infected hardware
  240. Hello and broken rods :( :(
  241. Fusion medium/agent comparisons
  242. Imaging making me go ????
  243. Pain around rod
  244. osteomyelitis
  245. Definition of Revision Surgery
  246. Activities That Are Impossible or Difficult After Full Fusion
  247. Texas Back Institute
  248. osteomyelitis
  249. Hospital Bag: What to bring
  250. Startling statistics regarding scoliosis surgery