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  1. Scoliosis in the context of human evolution
  2. Brace Treatment Controls Progression in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis - (The Proof)
  3. Is this true? DNA spit test springs girl, 12, from scoliosis brace
  4. FAO Elisa (Spiny Mouse) - PT using weights
  5. Finally some ground rules set for evaluating various types of conservative treatment
  6. Changes in scoliosis treatment due to Scoliscore
  7. Easy, short read on progression statistics
  8. 30*, not 50*
  9. Spinecor and JIS
  10. Minimally invasive fusion - many articles Jess!
  11. Incidence, Risk Factors and Classification of Proximal Junctional Kyphosis: (etc.)
  12. Growth Beyond Skeletal Maturity
  13. Back pain medicine - divided by a common language
  14. Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics - AIS Supplement Jan/Feb 2011
  15. Late 1980s peak in mentions of scoliosis
  16. Engineer with Marfan Syndrome designs own life-saving implant
  17. QTL controls suseptibility to spinal curvature
  18. Advanced Maternal Age Associated with AIS?
  19. Excellent discussion on genetic, genetic susceptibility, etc. in disease
  20. AIS - genetic versus environmental factors
  21. Readable Weinstein et al. 2008 overview of IS
  22. Cool toy for Ti Ed and others
  23. Statistics linked to nonsense
  24. New regulation mechanism for mRNA
  25. How a clinician approahes the medical literature
  26. People with bad backs should avoid this...
  27. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Could Be Caused by a Retrovirus, Study Suggests
  28. "ecstatic performativity"
  29. Millions of surgery patients at risk in drug research fraud
  30. Organ printer
  31. FAO Dingo/McIntire - article on paraspinal muscles
  32. Scoliosis Bracing: Two prospective randomized multicenter trials underway
  33. POSNA 2011 Spine Symposium Controlling the Curve
  34. Is autosomal dominant inheritance universally accepted in AIS?
  35. Use of twins to study complex diseases
  36. Risser Sign: A Major Method of Estimating Skeletal Maturity
  37. Research trends in IS etiology in 2000
  38. The Science of Pain Sean Mackey, MD, PhD Stanford School of Medicine
  39. Complication rates for adult scoliosis surgery
  40. When you don't listen to Lenke...
  41. FAO Dr. McIntire
  42. Well we've now gone from AIS does not cause pain to ~75% of AIS kids have back pain
  43. Complication rates for baby kid scoliosis surgery (19,360 cases)
  44. You don't say!
  45. Evidence-Based Medicine and AIS - GREAT TALK!
  46. Flexural-torsional buckling
  47. Grad student who had scoliosis surgery gets grant to study scoliosis
  48. Review of evdience case for chiro as against other treatments
  49. What is SOSORT up to? Abstracts from Barcelona 2011
  50. Research from Texas Scottish Rite Hospital
  51. Spine journal abstracts of potential interest to folks in this sandbox
  52. More Good Evidence Bracing Works in AIS
  53. retractionwatch site
  54. Left Thoracic Scoliosis
  55. Another study finds assocation between HYPOkyphosis and Scoliosis
  56. Research Help Please!
  57. "Revolutionary' operation to straighten boy's curved spine"
  58. Dr. Douglas Kiester develops implant that stretches ligaments to treat Scoliosis
  59. Dr. Douglas Kiester discusses MAGEC - Remote Control Spinal Deformity System
  60. Free eText
  61. Efficacy of Exercise for AIS
  62. Surfing for Scoliosis: The Quality of Information Online: Discussion
  63. Problems identified with all growing rods including MAGEC
  64. Dr. Kiester and the MAGEC system continued
  65. Dense but interesting paper on epigenetics of AIS
  66. A video worth watching....
  67. FAO Dr. McIntire - interesting muscle study results
  68. Cancer drug used to treat genetic disorder
  69. Two opinions on evidence-based medicine in orthopedics
  70. Yet another (underpowered) brace study comparing Spinecor and hard brace
  71. A Schroth Study?
  72. NIH study: Stereophotogrammetry of the Torso.... #11-CC-0120
  73. Some research humor - with some real truth to it
  74. Muscle Dystonia
  75. Definitions of structural and nonstructural curves
  76. Why lumping various forms of scoliosis into "AIS" might be problematic
  77. Scoliometer accuracy, precision and relative usefulness
  78. 3D Printing.....A great way to look at things
  79. Scientific retractions increasing exponentially
  80. Nw article in Cell on spontaneous congenital scoliosis
  81. Muscle study - possible therapeutic application to spine stabilization ability
  82. Finally some data on aiport detection of spinal implants
  83. New tx for bad discs
  84. Real or for argument sake range of opinion?
  85. Early Onset treatments - indications for specific approaches
  86. IL17RC identified as an Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Locus
  87. Less invasive surgery developed by Israel (Apifix implant)
  88. New work on spinal cord injury using zebrafish
  89. Selected abstract conclusions from 2012 SRS meeting
  90. Dr. Hey's comments about bracing in AIS
  91. Ten year follow up on fusion looks very good
  92. Early findings on magnetic growth rods - NOT Kiester's
  93. Dr. Hey opines about bracing
  94. Growing bone
  95. Are You Feeling Someone Elses Pain?
  96. Scoliosis Natural History vs. Treated
  97. POSNA's position on scoliosis <40*
  98. New Journal for the Scoliosis Research Society
  99. Richard III found and he had scoliosis
  100. Dogmatic representation of Science and the public
  101. Gene Associated With Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Identified
  102. Problems above the fusion after surgery
  103. Treasure trove of good information on long-term outlook for scoliosis patients
  104. How patients overestimate the predicted success of surgery
  105. Get out your protractors: Measuring curve angles
  106. Conservative (non-surgical) management of scoliosis
  107. Update from Concerned Dad
  108. Upcoming SRS meeting in France
  109. Weiss article retracted by Journal editor and board
  110. Trust the Results, Not the Conclusions
  111. NYT article on BMP states "Treatment Benefits Overstated"
  112. Pain management in major spine surgery
  113. More evidence that Early Onset and AIS are very different conditions
  114. Study of complications based on 3,552,873(!) spinal fusions
  115. Study identifying small percentage (7%) of AIS fusion cases with pain > 6 months out
  116. Significant loss of range of motion if L3 is fused versus L1/L2
  117. New(?) fusionless growth modification technique - titanium clip-screw construct
  118. New VBS study for patients < 10 yo with curves 30* - 39*
  119. Lonner et al. - Study on efffects of training new folks on outcome
  120. No kidding - patient characteristics mostly predict complications
  121. Interesting spinal implant
  122. Dr. Lloyd Hey leading cost-cutting measures - saved $10 million over 5 years
  123. Neck changes above the fusion in pediatric AIS patients with thoracic curves
  124. Interesting but preliminary study on a predictive model of brace curve progression
  125. Response: Implications for night time bracing (problems again with disappearing post)
  126. How one surgeon discuessed the BrAIST results with one patient recently
  127. Response: How one surgeon discusses BrAIST
  128. The Mooney Affair: Shoadow versus substance
  129. Research Channel Scoliosis videos University of Washington
  130. Is medical research a democracy?
  131. Degenerative Scoliosis & XLIF Procedure findings published...
  132. Study on Effectiveness of Bracing and Exercise
  133. Wall Street Journal article on yoga for scoliosis
  134. Can you locate & post the actual article?
  135. Accelerated endochondral growth
  136. More research on POC5 gene
  137. Why Hooks are used at top of Fusions
  138. Scoliscore Fails Second, Independent Analysis
  139. High school kid wins Intel with growing flexible spinal system to straighten
  140. Why AIS is More Prevalent in Females
  141. Pediatric Spine Foundation
  142. Scolioscan
  143. Study on proteins BNC2 and YY1
  144. Regebone
  145. Scoliosis Surgery - The Worse you are PreOp, The Better you'll be PostOp
  146. Study at UC Davis
  147. Biologics, Stem Cells, and NuQu Cartilage regeneration from ISTO
  148. Cobb angle in braced patients and the future
  149. Lordosis In Kyphosis?
  150. More on the Genetics of Scoliosis
  151. Numerous Studies Find Relationship Between Low Vitamin D & Scoliosis
  152. Misunderstandings Concerning Genetics Among Patients Confronting Genetic Disease
  153. Gene therapy stops rare childhood brain disease ("Lorenzo's Oil" condition)
  154. Upper thoracic/cervical fusion technique
  155. Gene linked several ways to Idiopathic Scoliosis - flow defect in cerebrospinal fluid
  156. FINALLY - Danish Twin study FORMALLY blown out of the water!
  157. Rough month for the people who deny scoliosis genetics and tout GIGO studies!
  158. First shot across the BrAIST bow...
  159. AmazonSmile
  160. Biologics for the spine Where we are now
  161. Spinal instrumentation Concepts and Biomechanics
  162. Calling for help: Oral Histories of Scoliosis
  163. Anterior spinal overgrowth not the cause of Scoliosis
  164. Three grants worth $7.5 million to study IS
  165. spines of steel
  166. Why we need the final Cobbs in BrAIST
  167. Vbt
  168. 2-Year Outcomes of Spinal Growth Tethering vs. Posterior Spinal Fusion for Scoliosis
  169. Fusion can decrease disc degeneration
  170. Rod Fracture
  171. Another New Implant Material
  172. Was Scoliscore finally pulled from the market?
  173. Advanced MRI findings Neuroanatomical changes in CNS
  174. Tethers commonly break 1 to 2 years after VBT procedures
  175. Gut microbiome alterations in children with AIS
  176. Assessment of biomechanical properties of paraspinal muscles in adolescent idiopathic
  177. Neuroinflammatory signals drive Scoliosis in Zebrafish model
  178. Association between physical activity and scoliosis: a prospective cohort study.
  179. 8.9% of children with Scoliosis have a neural axis abnormality
  180. Anterior spinal overgrowth may not be involved in AIS
  181. New review paper on AIS etiology
  182. Weed patch and DSUVIA
  183. Low levels of Vit D found in scoliosis patients
  184. CBD and STEM CELLS for bone regeneration
  185. Dr Yves Cotrel Obituary 1925-2019
  186. Surgery When There's No Verifiable Cause
  187. PAIN Neuroanatomy UBC Medicine Video
  188. Not all Rods are Harrington, also Dr Nuzzio pediatrics