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  1. HYPNOSIS for surgery preparation to decrease anxiety and pain?
  2. Food/Diet After the Surgery?
  3. Poem though the eye of a scoliosis patient
  4. Coming to terms with the metal in me
  5. Uneven walking after surgery
  6. Has anymore had surgery with Dr. Matthew Cunninghm at HSS in NYC or know of his work?
  7. Reaction to Gabapentin/Neurontin?
  8. Having my first surgery in 3 days on 01/22/13
  9. Two spinal cords, scoliosis and surgery -
  10. My first 7 weeks + 5 days
  11. How many?
  12. New Yoga Video for Scoliosis fused spines
  13. nervous appt 1.29.13
  14. Healing Bones
  15. Cortisone injection
  16. Ti-Ed 5 Years post op
  17. 10 months, pinching pain in hips. Normal?
  18. SUGGESTIONS FOR THE HOSPITAL: what helped? What would have made it better?
  19. My husband is on his way home!
  20. pain killers after surgery
  21. bending over
  22. Sciatic pain has returned!
  23. Leg swelling
  24. Will it always feel like this?
  25. Scan for infection
  26. Has any one had surgery at UCSF with Dr. Hu?
  27. Nerve Theory
  28. sick with cold/cough surgery scheduled for the 18th
  29. Need opinion on beds
  30. abdomen bigger
  31. Facial Swelling post-op
  32. Surgery Coming Soon!
  33. surgery monday with dr lenke
  34. Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion, or XLIF
  35. leg lenght difference
  36. Did your recovery have some plateaus in it? I've hit a wall at 4 1/2 monhts.
  37. Why Lavitra,Cialis and Viagra?
  38. Irina’s Surgery – March 5/7, 2013
  39. 21st birthday
  40. 4 months post-op from anterior with nerve pain
  41. New video of surgery on young Australian woman.
  42. Shoes
  43. had surgery feb 18.
  44. Four years post op
  45. Degenerative Disc 5 Years Post-op
  46. Spontaneous improvement?! Not likely...
  47. For those w/ 2 day surgeries, what did you do on the inbetween days?
  48. Balance... I've got it!
  49. Alive and, well...
  50. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation
  51. im 3 years post-op
  52. Post Op recovery on a graph
  53. Anyone going to St. Louis March 19th?
  54. Susan's surgery at UCSF with Dr. Hu on 19 and 22 March, 2013
  55. Oops, I meant March 20th! St. Louis, anyone?
  56. pain when sitting up straight
  57. photos
  58. Thank you, Ed!
  59. Questions for those 10 months post-op & longer
  60. Question on behalf of a member of the Australian Forum
  61. Limitation of long fusion?
  62. Nervous mom who made the big decision
  63. In a dilemma
  64. Stiff and getting stiffer
  65. Feeling Weird Shocks
  66. Travel Tips
  67. bending post-op
  68. Post-op milestone questions
  69. Neck problems above fusion
  70. Scoliosis Surgery in a polio survivor
  71. Six Months post op update
  72. Before surgery it was the scoliosis, after surgery it is the fusion
  73. Spending More Money Since Surgery But Enjoying It!
  74. And down I went...
  75. No news is good news... Has anyone worn high heels after recovery?
  76. Urinary incontinence after catheter removed in 66 year old
  77. New Here! Lots of Questions :-)
  78. better sock aid
  79. Happy to report I'm released from the surgeon!
  80. The SECRETS to bowel control post surgery
  81. Ribs of right side irritating me alot. Any suggestion??
  82. Walking and shoe lifts
  83. Questions Post-Op 7 Months
  84. Sally's continuing saga
  85. Sciatic Nerve issues
  86. Hooray! 6 year anniversary!
  87. Shoulder and ribs
  88. year post-op nasal
  89. Moving- Dr Referral - Atlanta or surrouding areas
  90. Looking to connect with Moms (in their 30s and 40's)who have gone through the surgery
  91. Stretching exercises after surgery
  92. Doctor suggestions in the Philly area
  93. Update
  94. Graduating
  95. Help?
  96. What is this sensation/feeling
  97. Long term insurance
  98. Adapting to limited mobility
  99. First Jet Ski Ride after Surgery
  100. New numbness post-op
  101. Linocut of Scoliosis Forest
  102. Denver Area Doctor
  103. A sad loss - Dr. Herkowitz
  104. Wheel Chair for the Airport
  105. love poem
  106. Getting in shape AFTER surgery
  107. Weakness in left hand
  108. Leg pain when driving
  109. Things you would have done before surgery, if you would have known more about it.
  110. Brace
  111. Scooter950 empty your PM
  112. Possible Surgical Complications
  113. New here - 2 weeks post-op, fused T10-pelvis
  114. Tight painful muscles and distended abdomen
  115. Saying hello....
  116. How Much Does the Hardware Weight?
  117. Can you bend, lift, and twist after the spine fusion is complete?
  118. Can hardware cause allergic dermatitis?
  119. Deep Tissue Massage Post-Op
  120. 5 months post update
  121. Chair versus bleachers
  122. How do you know if a surgeon is a good surgeon?
  123. I have my surgery date, picked my doctor, now what?
  124. I am so angry....(venting)
  125. Sleeping Pills
  126. Newbie - meeting with surgeon this week!
  127. How far have you traveled to have your surgery?
  128. Anyone have experience with osteoperosis? Vertebroplasty/Kyphoplasty?
  129. Two Years Post Surgery Anniversary!
  130. How to Properly Dispose of Medication?
  131. Dr. Lenke won't do my surgery - Dr. Buchowski?
  132. Sciatic Nerve Pain
  133. So glad I found this site!
  134. Web site problems?
  135. 3 1/2 year post-op
  136. Low back pain, outer thigh pain return at almost three months post op
  137. I'm having surgery in the morning: Shoulder NOT back
  138. Questions for sleep number bed owners?
  139. Welcome back, everyone! Hooray!
  140. Anyone have an Appt. with Dr. Lenke on Oct. 24th?
  141. So much has happened!
  142. Horse back riding
  143. Any Adults Who Have Had Surgery or Treatment by Dr. Hey?
  144. Approximate time line for first year post op
  145. Post Surgery EXTREME Pain.. What's "Normal"?? Help Please! :)
  146. Where to find reliable answers
  147. 4 weeks and counting...
  148. Can surgeon tell if back is fused postop?
  149. Almost 3 years post op-still in pain
  150. PT exercises on all fours and tight pants :-(
  151. Use of Prednisone
  152. My first St. Louis consultation with Dr. Buchowski
  153. Chronic UTIs post-op
  154. Untreated scoliosis and back injury at work
  155. Infected hardware info/help for those who have dealt with it?
  156. Left SI joint and right hip.
  157. Disc Degeneration after Spinal Fusion
  158. Visit with Dr. Bagley, Hallelujah! Second post op fusion L6 t S2
  159. Smallest Curve Surgery?
  160. 7 months post-op and having some backache : Tylenol, Motrin, or Tramadol?
  161. Almost there...6 days to go
  162. What's the best kind of office chair?
  163. Will physical therapy prevent post surgery twist?
  164. Today I am thankful for...
  165. SI joint injections for leg pain (post-op spinal fusion w/ screws in pelvis)
  166. Tight Back
  167. Personal question
  168. Is there someone to take over ?
  169. When Do You Stop Talking About Your Surgery?
  170. Memory loss about surgery
  171. PTSD due to 6/21/2013 scoli fusion-new study in Spine
  172. I've been reading the form since Sept. & learning so much.
  173. In 2014, what improvements do you want for your back & what will make it happen?
  174. Recommended Yoga Poses Post Fusion to Sacrum
  175. scoliosis and disk instability
  176. Detailed article on how Scoliosis X rays are measured
  177. 4 weeks post op and feeling good!
  178. Time to face up to it
  179. Post laminectomy syndrome/failed back syndrome dx for 6 mo p op pain?
  180. questions on fusing to the sacrum or not
  181. How long does the need to sleep too much last?
  182. Does anyone have an appointment with Dr. Lenke or Dr. Kelly in St. Louis?
  183. The First Look
  184. Not Sleeping, any advice?
  185. Pain 3 Years Post Op
  186. Injections?
  187. Off all Narcotics, still in pain, a lot today
  188. Follow up January 28
  189. visible rod after surgery
  190. 3 Year Check Up
  191. The disc between cervical and thorasic
  192. Update from January 7th appt
  193. Sudden body jolt?
  194. fuse one level L2-L3
  195. Post op fatigue at 7 months out, or ankylosing spondylosis?
  196. Zumba or Irish step dance after surgery
  197. accident
  198. Rigid Spine Correction?
  199. Thoughts on fear.....(wing suit)
  200. Flat back
  201. 4.5 year post op -- have pain sort of like sciatica
  202. 1 year update
  203. Orthopedic surgeon--first appointment?
  204. Did breathing and/or gi issues get better?
  205. One Year Report
  206. Dang Ice
  207. 5th Anniversary on Monday
  208. Hello, from a newcomer! Question regarding sitting after surgery.
  209. Random thoughts on PAIN and PREDNISONE
  210. Physical Therapy Post Op
  211. I received Social Security Disability Today
  212. Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome - a rare disease (Anyone?)
  213. 4 year report
  214. Why can I not still sit in a bathtub at 1 1/2 years after a successful fusion surgery
  215. Dr. Boachie-Adjei is retiring
  216. Camptocormia
  217. Plif
  218. Tomorrow Scojo will just be Jo
  219. Bowling
  220. Mea Culpa also but....... Please keep postings on the subject of the thread/hijacking
  221. Surgery
  222. ScoliosisLinks Documents
  223. Will you be in St. Louis tomorrow or Wednesday?
  224. Joe O'Brien
  225. Pes cavus and scoliosis
  226. Oh here goes- a personal vent of sorts, and a wishful "surgery date"
  227. new member/same story
  228. hernaited disc post surgery
  229. Surgery scheduled - sooooo many concerns
  230. Sex After Fusion to the Sacrum
  231. Blood loss
  232. devices/aids to be used in period immediately following surgery
  233. Compensatory Curves
  234. Awareness month 2014
  235. Breathing issues? GI issues?
  236. Singles and Scoliosis surgery....For the singles only
  237. coming back
  238. Forum Spam Takeover
  239. Post surgical activities time table
  240. Biggest Chicken on here - surgery date Nov 4
  241. Hello! I'm betternow and new to the forum!
  242. Article on types of Adult Scoliosis Surgery
  243. Surgery scheduled for Sept
  244. Getting ready for surgery
  245. Scoliosis surgery - the good and the bad
  246. MKatz has surgery July 11th
  247. Scheduled for surgery in the fall
  248. Upcoming surgery
  249. Flying for the first time since surgery - any tips?
  250. Update