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  1. Surgeon Recommendation San Francisco Bay Area.
  2. Mechanical Stenosis
  3. Pain killers, muscle relaxers, how to choose what you need?
  4. Im loosing my voice after surgery...help me please!!!:(
  5. How do you make the decision on whether or not to have surgery?
  6. Trying to decide whether to accompany husband on conference trip
  7. Surgery this Friday
  8. Does scoliosis surgery for Degenerative Adult Onset Scoliosis DECREASE back pain?
  9. 1 year post-op update (Scheuermann's disease/kyphosis, 24yo male)
  10. weight loss after surgery
  11. flying post op
  12. Scoliosis/Kyphosis
  13. Nasal Surgery on May 9th
  14. Any suggestions for being able to feed the dog easily while hubby out of town?
  15. 1 1/2 Years Post-Op and 6 Mths Pregnant
  16. new to boards lots of questions :)
  17. Now my husband's inviting me on a trip to Maui in October
  18. Pillows for sleeping
  19. Ready for a kicker? pictures attached
  20. Living Alone?
  21. Has anybody tried Mederma?
  22. Great 1 yr post-op appt - Tennis anyone?
  23. Surgery Date Set for May 25th
  24. Combined anterior posterior?
  25. Summer or winter surgery
  26. Dr. Michael Kelly, Dr. Lenke's associate
  27. Burning in Back
  28. Recovery after spinal fusion
  29. 8 days post op
  30. Leg pain following anterior fusion L4-S1 -- Need opinions please!
  31. Any tips for shaving legs?
  32. Has anybody tried a posture correcting brace to hold shoulders back?
  33. Questions about rod surgery
  34. Great book to read!
  35. Hormones (odd question I know)
  36. When is the pain "supposed" to go away?
  37. Relieving This Back Pain After Surgery
  38. Muscle tightness, ribs did not follow back?!
  39. Tried out a Sleep Number bed on Saturday
  40. Vertigo/Dizziness
  41. Stomach after surgery
  42. leg weakness after surgery
  43. "Can't fix your appearance"
  44. Has anybody tried a portable bidet?
  45. Had a great fall!
  46. Unusual numbness
  47. Feeling short of breath, Chest tightness
  48. August 8 upcoming surgery with Dr. Lenke/ questions
  49. Was your surgery..2 part, or just one
  50. Surgery in 40s vs 60s
  51. Trouble sleeping at night
  52. How Many Post-Op Appointments?
  53. 4 weeks post-op & long drive for post-op visit
  54. Looking for people who have returned to athletic activities post-op
  55. Has anybody else been told to wear a bone growth stimulator since surgery?
  56. Update from may 9th nasal surgery
  57. Search question
  58. 1st surgery - spinal fusion, questions...
  59. finally on the mend
  60. Fusion to Sacrum Laser Hair Removal in Bikini Area.
  61. Dressing Stick and Sock Aid
  62. Imast
  63. Incision Scab, Redness & Itching
  64. loss of flexibility/spinal fusion vs yoga and schroth for alleviation from pain
  65. Driving!
  66. Could it be nerve pain?
  67. Flouroscopy done, tomorrow schedule date for surgery
  68. Hospital Ratings
  69. Scoliosis surgery in your 30's?!
  70. Please list questions one should ask when interviewing a surgeon, how do you decide?
  71. How Long Did it Take You to Make a Decision
  72. What Was the Most Difficult Part of Recovery?
  73. Questions about Back to Work
  74. Kind of memory foam? Surgery Aug 8, Lord willing, w/ Dr. Lenke.Also, other questions
  75. 4 months, still need pain meds. Getting a little old!
  76. Date set: October 11
  77. Short Term Disability Insurance
  78. New Dr. Lenke Patient
  79. hit my head
  80. Can I go to a concert at the 2 months break?
  81. Neck issue after surgery
  82. Are there Rehab Cruises? not for drugs & alcohol
  83. Anterior/Posterior Incisions
  84. How to prepare my family
  85. Be careful what you say about your doctor on the blog
  86. Dr. Lenke's waiting room
  87. Hey,I need help
  88. Bulging Disc?
  89. Infrared device (like Light Relief) for pain relief
  90. Fusion Possible More than I yr Post Op
  91. Concerns over doctors and devices
  92. How Much Does the Surgery and Hospital Stay Cost?
  93. Rehab centre, after Surgery?
  94. To all of you who interviewed more than one surgeon, help me how to decide
  95. Newbie-Surgery 9/28/12 with Dr. Lenke
  96. Leg discrepancy after surgery
  97. Possible metalwork removal
  98. Flexibility ? BEFORE vs. AFTER thoracic fusion
  99. United Health Care Insurance - denied coverage
  100. Posterior Only VCR vs. Traditional Anterior/Posterior
  101. Is Anyone Fused from C5 to L3? Pain Relief, Mobility?
  102. Trying to get up the courage to try using an escalator
  103. Yoga
  104. Long time since I posted
  105. Email Notifications
  106. Driving
  107. Is Log-Rolling Forever?
  108. The use of BMP product?
  109. college
  110. Anyone in St. Louis Sept. 19th?
  111. Has anybody tried lock laces for their sneakers?
  112. How long might the numbness last?
  113. One Year Anniversary
  114. October 22 surgery date
  115. Getting Ready for Surgery
  116. Not receiving notifications of replies
  117. Lost my job just as I was preparing to go back full-time
  118. Sciatica/ Sacral Pain
  119. What is Central Line?
  120. Can Yoga Stop Progression of Scoliosis?
  121. Things that are Done Differently Post-Op
  122. Heidi's surgery with Dr. Lenke
  123. My turn to Straighten up and Fly Right!
  124. Sciatic pain - scar tissue?
  125. Almost 2 1/2 years Post Spinal Fusion
  126. How do you handle winter boots?
  127. Standing with Bent Knees
  128. Picture- Does this look normal? 8 months post op
  129. Opinions on this picture please: ridges on the spine
  130. Spinal fusion
  131. Private Nurses
  132. UHC said NO to BMP surgery. Good Bye everyone - for now
  133. Hand mirror for driving assistance
  134. Doctor for surgery
  135. Physical Therapy
  136. turning your head
  137. DR. Hostin in Dallas Texas
  138. genetics
  139. How do you use an Ipad or Amazon Kindle HD in the Immediate Post Surgery Period?
  140. Article: Spine Surgeons on Cash-Pay Options
  141. Antidepressants
  142. I did it!!
  143. Total fusion/Selective fusion
  144. Should I be worried?
  145. Sutures coming through skin??
  146. The big question - when do you know it is time?
  147. No stoop pet care
  148. Feels like I'm sitting on something!!!:(
  149. Who else has hardware down to their pelvis?
  150. Check the latest on spine surgery
  151. First time thread. Surgery April 2013
  152. Inability to sleep
  153. Blind Courage
  154. Hannah's surgery today with Dr Lenke !!! ALL DONE and she is WELL...
  155. What are cages and osteotomies?
  156. 2 years post op and all is well
  157. Vitamin D level post op
  158. Is there anything better than a rolling case for transporting heavy laptop??
  159. sagital imbalance?
  160. Is it bad to get out of the house, so early in recovery?
  161. Pre-Op and Post-Op
  162. Project Runway
  163. My dilemma...HELP! :)
  164. Tamena's Surgery 10-22
  165. New to the forum
  166. What am I feeling in my back?
  167. Question:wAlking post-op
  168. October25 surgery date and terrified
  169. Lung issues post-op
  170. In Pain at almost 3 years [ostop
  171. Radiation and Surgery
  172. New here - Dr. Frank Schwab or Dr. Thomas Errico?
  173. Muscle atrophy?
  174. Pregnant for the first time! Birth stories please.
  175. Should I hurry to get out of the hospital ?
  176. Pronation after surgery
  177. Decision time
  178. This One Was For the Team!
  179. Shape of rib cage
  180. A good appt with my surgeon :)
  181. SI Joint Pain
  182. Someone needs help posting in this forum
  183. posting pics
  184. Surgery, Travel, Recovery plans
  185. Surgery scheduled for Monday- scared
  186. Nov. 8th surgery with Dr. O'Shaughnessy
  187. Appt with Dr Eberson today
  188. Bone scan
  189. 16 days post op
  190. Itch you just cant scratch
  191. Taking the leap in January
  192. Forgot
  193. rib cage on top of hip??
  194. Preop appt
  195. What are Internal Stitches?
  196. Whining
  197. 24 days post op
  198. 25 days post op and don't know what to do about the constipation?
  199. bleeding
  200. Feeling of Heaviness in the back
  201. Spinal Surgery and Turkey
  202. Good luck, Gardenia on your upcoming surgery on Nov. 27th!!!!
  203. Gretchen's surgery, constipation,HELP
  204. Rough Timetable estimates for how you feel postop....66 YO with probable T3 to Sacrum
  205. Preparing for surgery date...need suggestions!!
  206. Handling Babies Post-Op
  207. Physical preparation for surgery
  208. Tired feeling/pressure in lower back/tailbone area
  209. New to the board
  210. Yamuna Body Rolling Technique
  211. 4 Week Post Op...QUESTIONS!
  212. Back pain caused by illness?
  213. Oops...I just fell! :/
  214. Dr. Lenke's Patients: Does anyone have an appointment Jan. 16th?
  215. 3 year Postop appt 1-29-13
  216. Trying to understand structural and non structural curves.....
  217. Pelvic pain
  218. Considering surgery
  219. Surgery should be last resort
  220. Surgery 11/27/2012 Out of the hospital on 12/9/12
  221. Can we discuss infection?
  222. What is the point of post-surgical restrictions really?
  223. United Health Care Insurance - great customer support
  224. Barnes Jewish Hospital in St Louis, Mo
  225. Almost 3 years since
  226. article on patient satisfaction and fusion surgery
  227. Understanding change in sagittal and coronal balance & little change in cobb angle
  228. I need some confidence....anyone have any to give me? Making the BIG decision!
  229. Questions about back muscles Post-op...
  230. Help! Can't sleep-back surface in lots of pain
  231. 3.5 months post-op
  232. Two-year Post Op Anniversary December 7
  233. Pls respond: over 60, adult onset degenerative scoliosis, no prev back surgery
  234. I'm new, college student contemplating surgery :/
  235. Things that promote or interfere with fusion
  236. Kyphosis 1 year 7 month; checking in!
  237. A little holiday humor...
  238. Pain after surgery
  239. Shake those hips?
  240. Question for people fused to sacrum, more than a year post-op
  241. Car Ride Home from the Hospital
  242. Continued Tightness in Thoracic Area.....18 months post op : (
  243. How do you manage surgery 12 hours from home?
  244. Did some of you over 60 go to a rehab facility after surgery?
  245. surgery moved up
  246. Inspiring yoga videos post fusion
  247. 2 Year Annviersary-January 5, 2013
  248. Surgery tomorrow 1/7/13
  249. fused?
  250. What is the difference between fused to the sacrum and fused to the pelvis?