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  1. How sort out the issue of growth and what that means....
  2. new brace?
  3. Post surgery dvt prevention
  4. Acne has to clear up before surgery.
  5. Lumbar kyphosis - is it good to exercise pre-opt?
  6. Post op infection
  7. Low energy levels post op
  8. How do I find the right surgeon for my son's surgery?
  9. Not my second daugther too
  10. 2nd followup went well - Surgery set for August 20th
  11. Newton & Skaggs; Right Thoracolumnarfusion & QOL ; Titanium vs. Stainless
  12. How is range of motion, quality of life affected if T11-L3 is fused?
  13. 3 months post op...
  14. How tight should a night time brace be?
  15. Taking a night off
  16. MedX or Cybex Core Torso Rotation and a Roman Chair
  17. Only 50% correction after surgery - 15yo daughter devastated
  18. Tethering looks promising based on early patients
  19. Pectus/Scoli and progression of Scoli
  20. Newly Diagnosed
  21. I had surgery 35 years ago at age 11.
  22. First Time On - Questions about Spinal Fusion with Instumentaton
  23. Newbie Here--waiting for an appointment...
  24. Great
  25. Information for article
  26. Update on my nince and nephew
  27. Heading to Shriners
  28. BrAIST AIS Patient Decision Aid Project: Survey for Parents
  29. SRS Patient Education Event
  30. My niece
  31. 8 year results on tethering to be presented at the SRS meeting in September