5-year reoperation rates for scoliosis surgery

Written by Mackenzie Garrity | Wednesday, 28 June 2017 20:35

A study published in Spine examined the revision rates after scoliosis surgery in adolescents and
young adults. The study included 1,435 patients who underwent surgery from 1995 to 2009.
Results showed revisions for scoliosis surgery continue to occur well after two years with late
infection being the most common cause.
Here is what you need to know.

1. A majority of the patients – 81 percent – underwent posterior spinal instrumented fusion.

2. The leading cause of early revisions was implant-related issues and infections. The reason for
reoperation wasn’t uniformly distributed over time, which additional causes wound complications,
residual deformity and/or progression and pseudarthrosis.

3. After the study, 75 or 5.2 percent of patients required reoperation.

4. Of all reoperation surgeries, 22 occurred within three months, 10 before one year, 12 before
two years, 20 before five years and 10 after five years.

5. Survival rates were as followed: 98.3 percent at three months, 97.5 percent at one year, 96.6
percent at two years, 93.9 percent at five years and 89.8 between five and 10 years.

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